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Ukraine’s Cabinet decided on Tuesday to remove rye and various types of fertilizers from the list of items subject to export and import licenses and quotas for 2022, Cabinet Deputy in Parliament Taras Melnichuk said in Telegram.

“The resolution was passed in order to eliminate what was essentially a ban on exports of mineral fertilizer and rye”, he said.

“Export quotas have been lifted on the following goods: rye; chemical and mineral nitrogen, potassium and phosphate fertilizers; mineral or chemical fertilizers containing two or three of the nutrients nitrogen, phosphate and potassium; and products in this group in tablet or similar form or in packages of up to 10 kg, Melnichuk said.”

However, all these products are simultaneously included in the list of items subject to an export license.

In early March, the Ukrainian government introduced a zero export quota for some products subject to export licenses in 2022: rye, oats, buckwheat, millet and table salt. In early July, the Cabinet reduced the export quota for mineral or chemical nitrogen fertilizer (UKTVED code 3102) to zero from 210,000 tonnes per quarter.

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