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New rules for cross-border livestock trade mean livestock imported into the Republic from Northern Ireland must meet new increased Bovine Viral Diarrhea (BVD) requirements as the Republic increases efforts for BVD-free status.

The European Commission approved the Republic’s BVD eradication program in December, paving the way for official BVD status in 2023.

However, once BVD-free status has been granted, animals that have been vaccinated against BVD can no longer be imported into Northern Ireland.

A statement from the Department of Agriculture in Northern Ireland explained: ”The BVD requirements of the Export Health Certificate (EHC), have to be met to export to member states which either have an EU-approved BVD eradication program or have achieved BVD-free status.

“Cattle moving to the ROI for breeding and production must meet BVD requirements, which depend on the pregnancy status of the animal, and may include additional testing beyond the statutory tissue tag test, and, in some cases, a period of at least 21 days in official quarantine.

“Keepers who export cattle to the ROI, or indeed other member states with an approved program, need to consider the options on the EHCs and take action to secure necessary approvals in advance of exporting.” 

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