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About Us

About Us

Beyond Constellation is a purpose-driven organization founded to simplify complex transactions with innovative solutions to achieve your international trading goals.

We are highly professional, experienced, and efficient, sharing a strong passion for bringing success to our customers and partners.  Our focus areas based on robust supply chains and geographical diversification are:

  1. Market sourcing specialists
  2. Import & export management
  3. Finance
  4. Logistics

Beyond Constellation has a global footprint with representatives in the United States,
United Kingdom, Portugal, and various Southeast Asia locations.

Leveraging existing partnerships and previous track record, we are committed to bringing people, ideas, and resources
together to deliver products, technology, and ways of operating that build successful companies.


Beyond Constellation prides itself on the tenure of its staff who represent decades of experience in the management of import and export trading.

We offer expertise in sovereign, customs, logistics, and compliance components pertaining to simple to complex trades. As a customer service and value-add Beyond Constellation assists farmers, traders, producers, and manufacturers with order processing.

We accomplish this to the extent where we facilitate conversations with banks, financiers, and even markets to ensure their goods find a sustainable offset.

We provide proactive vetting of suppliers and customers that our customers can rely on to ensure we provide issue management as a part of our service.

At Beyond Constellation we strive to respond to any customer requests within record time and assist in building sustainable solutions.


Safe, reliable, and responsible shipment of agricultural goods is key to our business.

Beyond Constellation has partnered with some of the world’s leading 4PL and logistics organizations which in turn assist us to design a custom solution for any of our customers’ needs.

Ranging from inland, cross-border, and rail transport through to sea-freight and airfreight modalities. Beyond Constellation can containerize, warehouse, stuff and destuff, clear in and out as well as provide most stevedoring functionalities our customers might require.


International financing made simple
Moving goods and services across borders and within supply chains are highly complex and expose counterparties to a wide range of risks – most particularly non-payment. Trade finance delivers fast, efficient, reliable, and comprehensive solutions for every stage of a client’s trade value chain to support their foreign and domestic trade activities
Beyond Constellation works with leading trade and finance companies and institutions to provide the most compliant and risk mitigated transactions possible. We do this by only partnering with internationally rated institutions with a proven track record and years of experience in trade and finance. In all our matters, the banks close the transactions officially and directly between institutions.
Our range of solutions seamlessly covers classic trade flow products and services such as letters of credit and guarantees; all aspects of export finance, commodities finance, as well as securing supply chains with intuitive supply chain finance solutions. Our team advises on counterparty and country risk, local regulatory regimes and work with other financial institutions to share trade finance risk when required.


On a client-to-client basis, we are able to cater a fully customized branding package across the full range of our portfolio products.
We have several core brand partners we work with that cater to key clientele that wish to create a long-term brand for their enterprise.
This service is tailored in a concierge fashion to deliver an end product that meets our client’s satisfaction. This extends to all parts of the design and customization process, taking into consideration the necessary specifications, certification requirements, and overall brand concept / aesthetic appeal of the end product. it is very evident, it is those products have established themselves as a respected brand that commands both the highest price tags and the greatest respect.
Creating a brand experience both as a constant marketing/branding staple of the enterprise, and a symbol of the corporation’s strong manufacturer ties and reliability in serving their customers. A core part of the portfolio offering that commands the utmost respect.
We are on standby to assist you in creating a quality and long-standing brand experience for all of your end-users no matter the type of commodity.
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