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“We cannot miss this train”. Iberdrola says it will invest €3 billion in “Green Hydrogen” in Europe

President Ignácio Galán uncovered in Davos, at the Annual Summit of the World Economic Forum that Spanish energy needs to assist with executing the European Ecological pact, which plans to cut 55% of greenhouse gas discharges and emissions by 2030.

As per the ‘Re-charge’ portal, the executive focused on that the European Association needs to have an administrative structure and regulatory framework that permits it to support interest in advancements in technology related connected with hydrogen creation.

Saying that “We cannot miss this train”, he ensured that Europe’s Presidents are accessible and ready to cooperate with Brussels to make “a greener continent, changing serious energy needs and worldwide food security risks into financial opportunities”.

Galán likewise highlighted that hydrogen “will bring enormous industrial opportunities”, according to ‘Power Technology’ and that EU Member States need to act together and in coordination.

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