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wim's news - German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

A deal was signed on Tuesday between German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for Germany to import Canadian green hydrogen.

In Stephenville, Newfoundland, the two leaders signed the deal.

Delivery is expected within three years.

The two heads of government attended an economic conference in Toronto on Tuesday.

As Germany seeks to reduce its dependence on Russian gas, Scholz is making his first trip to Canada as chancellor.

Scholz said Tuesday that Canada is Germany’s partner of choice as it moves away from Russian energy imports at “warp speed.”

“Your country has almost boundless potential to become a superpower in sustainable energy and sustainable resource production,” he said.

Furthermore, the pair said they would discuss the possibility of Germany buying Canadian LNG.

To that end, Trudeau said on Monday that “we are looking at every possible different way to help out the German people and Europeans in the short term as they face a real challenge this coming winter.”

“Canada will play a very, very central role in the development of green hydrogen,” Scholz said at the same joint press conference. “That’s why we’re very happy that we can also take this opportunity to expand our partnership in this field.”

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