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During June, UK exports of pig meat totaled 16,800 tonnes, down 4,900 tons (22%) from May and 1,500 tons (8%) from a year earlier.

Shipments to the EU decreased by 500t (4.2%) to 10,600t in June as lower volumes were sent to Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands; the EU pig price has become more competitive as UK pig prices continue to rise. AHDB’s livestock analyst Freya Shuttleworth warns that the flattening EU pig price will put pressure on UK pork demand.

In June, UK exports decreased primarily due to the diminishing demand for UK pig meat in China, according to Ms. Shuttleworth. According to data, exports to China dropped by 2,000t (33%) since May, a drop of 2,800t (41%) since June 2021.

The number of breeding sows in China is reportedly steady following the ASF outbreak, so domestic pig production is increasing.

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