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The Drewry Global Port Throughput Index remained at 141.1 places in April 2022 some 1.5% lower than April 2021, it was though up 1.7% on March 2022.

The year-on-year was viewed as a sign that the interest and demand surge seen from Q3/Q4 2020 as the world emerged from the main round of Covid lockdowns is winding down. “his is further evidence that the post-Covid demand boom appears to have run its course,” Drewry said.

The post-Covid lockdown demand increase and production supply chain, have acted to drive container cargo rates to record breaking rates.

The biggest contributor of the global index- the Greater China region saw a 1% drop to 150.1 places in April 2022 contrasted with a year sooner. “It was held back by poor performance at Shanghai where volumes fell 25% month-on-month due to the imposition of Covid lockdowns,” Drewry noted.

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