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Wim Van Hooydonk Portugal

Portugal will come out of the pandemic with above global growth, The minister of finance has welcomed the revision of growth for the Portuguese economy this year and notes Portugal “will come out of the pandemic process with a level of global growth above countries such as Spain, Italy, Germany and France” — “and for several of them, with very significant differences”.

Portugal shows the highest growth in the Euro Zone in 2022 and forecast show the growth of Portugal’s GDP in 2022 from 5.8% to 6.5%.

There is evidence that shows the sign of a slow down in 2023 but this slow down with still be above the Euro Zone growth.

As for inflation, and at a time when Brussels points to an inflation rate of 6.8% for this year in Portugal and 3.6% for 2023, the official underlines that despite “being above what we are used to”, Portugal will also be in this indicator below the Euro Zone. “For 2023 there is a significant drop”, he concluded.

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