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Research highlights “severe implications for both food production and tourism”

Impacts of human-caused worldwide Climate Change is obstructing essential winter rains, with serious ramifications for food production and the travel / Tourism industry.

This is the message emerging from web-based Journal Nature Geoscience and cited by the UK’s Guardian newspaper, the Iberian Peninsula is experiencing its “driest environment for something like 1,200 years”.

The greater part of the downpour on this expanse of land falls in winter as wet, low-pressure frameworks blow in from the Atlantic. Be that as it may, a high-pressure framework off the coast – called the Azores high – can obstruct the wet weather conditions fronts.

“The scientists found that winters highlighting “extremely large” Azores highs have expanded massively from one winter in 10 before 1850 to one of every four starting around 1980. These extremes likewise push the wet climate northwards, making storms in the northern UK and Scandinavia almost certain.

“The researchers said the extremely large Azores highs could have been brought about by climate change, brought about by mankind’s carbon emissions.

“The number of extremely large Azores highs in the last 100 years is really unprecedented when you look at the previous 1,000 years,” said Dr Caroline Ummenhofer, at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in the US, and part of the research team.

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