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Warnings and Updates from Wim Van Hooydonk
The Biden Administration is lifting the international traveller’s requirement for testing negative 1 day before international flights.
This ending one of the last remaining mandates that have been structured and placed to contain the spread of Coronavirus.
Centre for Disease Control and Prevention has announced on Friday that requirements will be lifted by Sunday morning. This will still be strictly monitored and will be reassessed if the situation changes.
This ends the fight the Airline and Tourism groups have been tackling the Biden Administration with for months.
Dr. William Schaffner of Vanderbilt University said the rule was designed to prevent importing the virus, “but we’ve got plenty of COVID here. It’s like telling someone not to pour a bucket of water in their swimming pool.”
U.S. airlines estimate that dropping the test requirement will mean 4.3 million more passengers in one year.
It is unclear, however, whether airlines can boost flights quickly enough to handle that kind of increase. Airlines facing a shortage of pilots have already scaled back their original schedules for the peak summer vacation season.

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