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Warning for Wim Van Hooydonk

Warning from Beyond Constellation (and Wim Van Hooydonk):
Over the past few years, global/internationally trading companies have had to be increasingly more vigilant and strict with their data, documents and information security in general. Industries and market sectors within Global Commodity Trading especially, have been subjected to excessive fraud and criminal activities. These include attempts of forgery, falsifications of signatures and the cloning of commercial documents & bank statements. Fraudsters have been using these in an attempt to obtain unlawful economic advantages, to deceive legitimate traders into either releasing sensitive information, causing vulnerabilities in their security and systems or ultimately performing money transfers to incorrect bank accounts and fake companies. We have also read reports of blackmail, coercion and bribery. This abuse of confidence and “fraud” has caused considerable expense in both man-hours and legal or I.T. costs for many companies.
Official complaints and lawsuits often fail as scammers, hackers and fraudsters are using VPNs or free webmail email systems that are for the most – untraceable. Legal action cannot be initiated by lawyers regardless of funding as there is not enough information on the said perpetrators.
Beyond Constellation USA LLC and Beyond Constellation LDA understand the value and importance of our clients’ data and information.
All of our data and email are stored on secure encrypted servers, and we have many other systems and policies in place to ensure security is always paramount.

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